If I'm a King of the Hammers Overland Experience vendor, what are the details?

If I'm a King of the Hammers Overland Experience vendor, what are the details?

As we approach the King of the Hammers Overland Experience, which is just over 40 days away, I'd like to share some essential information to help you prepare for the event.


Vendor Setup Date: January 31st, 2024. Guests will arrive on Thursday, February 1st.


Space Allocation: Your designated space is 50'x50'. Rather than constructing a traditional booth, we encourage you to create the most impressive campsite imaginable. This event is an excellent opportunity not only to showcase your products but also to generate content and build your community. We encourage you to bring not just your products but also your best brand ambassadors and customers to represent your brand.


Themed Camps: While it's not mandatory, we invite you to embrace the festival spirit and add a theme to your camp. For example, Icon Vehicle Dynamics has a theme of "walking on the moon."


Vendor Passes: In the second week of January, each vendor's primary contact will receive an email containing a link to obtain codes for vendor wristbands, general admission wristbands, camper passes, vehicle passes, etc. The primary contact is responsible for distributing these codes within their company. Onsite, individuals will present their codes at the Welcome Tent on Boone Rd, where they will be scanned, and wristbands/passes will be provided after signing the event waiver. Anyone arriving without a code will need to purchase wristbands and/or passes onsite for event access.


Speed Waiver: All participants, racers, vendors, staff, etc., are required to fill out the speed waiver, which can be found here: https://hammerking.speedwaiver.com/qhnjs


Thank you for your attention to these details as we gear up for this exciting event. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Best Regards,


Rory Connell 

Business Development 

Hammerking Productions Inc. 


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