I'm a new competitor, where do I start?

I'm a new competitor, where do I start?

If you’ve never raced KOH before, check out the KOH Rookie Program here!
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    • Car Numbers

      RACE NUMBERS: If you have not raced with us or have not confirmed a race number with us in the past 12 months for KOH or Ultra4 USA, follow these steps to obtain a number (you must have your number to register (you do not need a number for the ...
    • What is the Team Apparel Program?

      Team Apparel Program The Team Apparel Program is an opportunity for competitors to have team-branded apparel sold on our King of the Hammers online store! We produce your custom apparel and competitors receive $15 for each item sold. It’s that ...
    • Entry Code Redemption

      Directions can be found on our website and are pasted below for quick reference. Competitor Entry Code Redemption Enter your serial number found on the ticket attached to the purchase confirmation you received from the entry sale in the coupon code ...
    • How do I transfer my entry code?

      See below or click this link for more info. Can I Transfer My Ticket? To transfer online- 1. Log into your Tixr account 2. Hover over your initials on the top right and select 'My Events' 3. Select 'Manage Transfers' on the event card 4. Select which ...
    • How can I get a tent for my garage or camping area?

      A1 Party Rentals is our tent provider and may be reached by completing this form https://a1partyrental.com/king-of-the-hammers-form/. KOH has no affiliation to A1 Party Rentals.