Crew Licenses (f/k/a PIT Pass)

Crew Licenses (f/k/a PIT Pass)


All PIT/Crew members must purchase a Participant ticket and camping pass (if you are staying) to gain entry to the event. You can do that here Buy KOH Tickets Now!

You will be able to upgrade to a PIT/Crew access band AT THE GATE ONLY. Once we have verified that you have signed the waivers necessary we will provide you with the appropriate band.  

If you are a Team owner/manager purchasing GA tickets for your crew, please visit our ticketing site here for instructions on transferring tickets to your specific crew members.  Please note that the name on the ticket must match the SpeedWaiver being presented for gate entry.

If you have any questions please respond to this ticket and we will do our best to help answer any remaining questions you may have.

See you on the lakebed!!

Chyna Berben, PMP
Project Manager
Hammerking Productions, Inc.