Can I be a food vendor at KOH or KOM?

Can I be a food vendor at KOH or KOM?

To ensure the success of food vendors, there are a limited number of food vending booths. Food vendors do not pay the vendor booth price, but instead pay 3% of all sales to the BLM through Hammerking Productions and a percentage of sales to Hammerking Productions; power and WiFi are additional costs. The percentage paid to Hammerking Productions must exceed the value of the food vendor’s booth. 

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    • Can I sell apparel at KOH and use the KOH logo on my apparel?

      Any vendor selling apparel items is required to pay a percentage of all apparel sales to Hammerking Productions and 3% of all apparel and non-apparel products to the BLM through Hammerking Productions. No vendor is permitted to use the KOH logo or ...
    • How do I get water and pumping services for my vendor booth?

      Visit our on-site providers vendor booth to schedule services. Booth locations may be found on the event map. Diamond Environmental Services: Action Pumping Service: KOH has no affiliation to ...
    • When may I set-up/tear down as a vendor and what are the vending hours?

      Below are the move-in and move-out times and the required vending dates/times. Exhibitor Move-In King of the Motos: Thursday, January 18th only, after 10:00AM. ** If you are a King of the Hammers vendor that is contracted to vend for King of the ...
    • Are generators allowed in the vendor booths?

      Authorized booths on Boone Road are able to use generators where power is not available. There are no generators in Hammertown Vendor booths. Hammertown booths include one, 120V/20 amp power connection. Vendors have the option to select additional ...
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      A1 Party Rentals is our tent provider and may be reached by completing this form KOH has no affiliation to A1 Party Rentals.